D’Aubigny Creek Park: A Hidden Gem in Brantford

If you are looking for a place to enjoy nature, sports, or culture in Brantford, Ontario, you might want to check out D’Aubigny Creek Park. This public park offers various recreational facilities and natural attractions for visitors of all ages and interests. In this article, we will explore what makes this park a hidden gem in Brantford and how you can make the most of your visit.

What is D’Aubigny Creek Park?

The park has a size of 32 hectares and has different facilities for visitors to enjoy. There are six soccer fields, a playground, a picnic area, and a parking lot in the park. The park also has a trail system that links to two other trails in Brantford: the SC Johnson Trail and the Grand River Trail. These trails let visitors see the beautiful views of the river and the forest .

Who is D’Aubigny?

The park is named in honour of Charles D’Aubigny, who was one of the first European settlers in Brantford. He came from France and worked as a fur trader and explorer. He befriended the local Indigenous people and helped them trade with the British.

How to get to D’Aubigny Creek Park

D'Aubigny Creek Park maps

You can find the main entrance to the park at 5 Oakhill Drive. This is where you can park your car, play at the playground, or have a picnic. The parking lot can fit about 100 cars and has a place to lock your bike. You can enter the parking lot from Oakhill Drive or Erie Avenue.

You can also take the bus to get to the park. The nearest bus stop is at Erie Avenue and Oakhill Drive. You can take Route 8 of Brantford Transit to get there. The bus stop is only a short walk from the park entrance.

Things to do at the Park

There are many things you can do at D’Aubigny Creek Park, depending on what you like. Here are some of the options:

Soccer fields: If you want to play soccer or other sports, you can rent one of the six soccer fields in the park. The City of Brantford takes care of the fields and provides seats, benches, and bike racks for visitors. The fields are open every day from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., unless it is winter or there are weather or maintenance problems. You need to fill out an online form and pay a fee to book a field. You can also check if a field is available or not on the City of Brantford website or by calling 519-759-4150.

Playground: If you have kids, they will love the playground in the park. The playground has different kinds of equipment that are fun and safe for children. There are swings, slides, climbers, spinners, and more. The playground also has a soft surface that protects users from injuries. The playground is close to the parking lot and the picnic area, so it is easy for families with kids.

Picnic area: If you want to have a party, a gathering, or an event at the park, you can use the picnic area. The picnic area can hold up to 100 people at once. It has tables, benches, trash cans, and a water fountain for visitors. It also has a shelter that gives shade and shelter from rain or sun. You need to contact the City of Brantford Parks and Recreation Department at 519-756-1500 or [email protected] to reserve the picnic area.

Trails: If you want to walk, bike, hike, or explore nature, you can use the trail system in the park. The trails are either paved or gravelled and have signs and maps to help you find your way. The trails are open all year long, but sometimes they may be closed or limited because of weather or environmental conditions. The trails are shared by different users, so you need to follow some rules and etiquette to make sure everyone is safe and happy. For example:

  • Stay on the right side of the trail and pass on the left.
  • Make sure to keep dogs on a leash. Carry poop bags and clean up after them.
  • Respect wildlife and plants and do not litter or damage anything.
  • Yield to pedestrians and slower users when biking or skating.
  • Wear helmets and reflective clothing when biking or skating.

The trail system starts from the parking lot and goes along the D’Aubigny Creek, which flows into the Grand River on the east side of the park . The trail system connects to two other trails in Brantford: the SC Johnson Trail at the north end of the park and the Grand River Trail at the south end of the park . These trails take you to other places in Brantford where you can see art, culture, and nature.

Reasons to visit D’Aubigny Creek Park

D’Aubigny Creek Park is a great place to visit for anyone who loves nature, sports, or culture in Brantford . The park offers something for everyone, whether it is playing soccer, having a picnic, enjoying a playground, or exploring a trail . The park also has historical significance as it is named after one of the early settlers of Brantford who contributed to its development.

The park is easy to access by car, bike, or public transit and is open daily from dawn to dusk . The park is free to enter and use, but visitors may need to pay a fee or make a reservation for some facilities. The park is maintained by the City of Brantford and welcomes feedback and suggestions from visitors.

If you are looking for a hidden gem in Brantford, you might want to check out D’Aubigny Creek Park. You will be surprised by how much this park has to offer and how much fun you can have there. D’Aubigny Creek Park is a place where you can enjoy nature, sports, or culture in Brantford.

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