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About the Opportunity

Filling the void

To this day, there are many small businesses that don’t have their own websites. The most common reasons are:

  • High cost typically ranging from $2,000 to $4,000
  • Complicated web design processes
  • Overwhelm with all the options & choices in online marketing
  • Long time commitment of a month or more

You are going to help fill this gap in the market by offering awesome looking pre-built websites for a heavily discounted price of only $800 that can be delivered in less than 48 hours. In comparison, typical custom websites start at around $2,400 and usually take 3 to 4 weeks.

So you are delivering something of great value at 1/3 the price and in a fraction of the time.

Currently, the target market is US and only sales from it are accepted. Accordingly, all figures discussed on this page are in USD.

Your commission

You earn $400 per sale you generate. Commissions are usually paid within 24 hours of receipt of client’s payment. All payments are normally made via PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, alternative methods of payment may be arranged.

To be credited with the sale and receive your commission, you must first apply to be an affiliate and receive your own link. If you generate sales without your own link, there is no way to trace the sale to you and credit you for your work.

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for the affiliate application form.

Your role

As an affiliate, you are responsible for finding leads and guiding them to the sale. Full and close support is always available. Below you will find set of training videos covering everything from overview, finding leads, script, etc.

The fastest way to generate commissions, and eventual goal, is for you to close the sales. However, in the beginning, especially if you are not familiar or experienced in selling websites, you may defer the closing to the back-end team. But it is still your job to lead them to a “soft yes” barring technical or process related questions. Deferring the closing to the back-end team will not affect your commission and you will be fully credited with the sale. However, it is in your best interest to close the sale yourself to speed up the process and increase closing conversions.

Please see the FAQ section near the bottom for more details.

Affiliate Partner Resources

Training videos

General Overview

Finding Leads

This is an older training, but gives a good overview of two lead sources. Those lead sources are also covered in the newer training videos with more details below.

Finding Leads – Yellow Pages

Finding Leads – Google Maps

Finding Leads – Groupon

Finding Leads – Facebook

Finding Leads – Craigslist & Other Classified Ads Sites

Finding Leads – Thumbtack

Finding Leads – Thumbtack Alternatives


Actual script is found below the videos.

Follow Up Part 1

You can apply the same ideas in other types of communications including emails, texts, messengers, etc…

Follow Up Part 2


The script is written out as a phone call script. However, you can follow the same path in any line of communication whether it be emails, messengers, or text messages. You’ll just need to slow down and go one point at a time.


Hi, is this [COMPANY NAME]?

Do you guys have a website because I was looking on [LEAD SOURCE] and didn’t see one there.

YES – Ok, great. I’ll look through it and call back if I have questions. Thanks.

NO –

1) Alright, well, that could be great because we recently built a [niche] website and the deal fell through, and since you don’t have a website and we wanna sign off on the project, I thought maybe we can help each other out.

2) Alright, well, that could be great because we recently built a [niche] website as a demo, and since you don’t have a website and we wanna sign off on the project, I thought maybe we can help each other out.

Have you got 30 seconds to hear me out? // Would you be totally opposed to hearing me out for 30 seconds?

Awesome. So in a nutshell, the site is [domain]. It’s a great looking [niche] website. And because it’s already built, we can transfer it to you as soon as you get your domain and hosting. Now we typically sell websites like this for $2,400 but we’re offering it for just $800 so that we can just sign off on this quickly. And we’ll even customize it a bit with your logo and update all contact info at no charge. Sound fair?


YES – Great. What’s your email address? We’ll send you the bill of sale and a PayPal link for the payment.

NO – Hey, I understand this is all kinda out of the blue. You probably wanna see the site first and take some time to think about it, right? So listen, why don’t I send you an email with the link to the website and some info so you can take some time and look through it? Sound good? Great. What’s your email address?

[always close with this]
CLOSING – Alright. Now, before I let you go, just to be fully transparent, I’m reaching out to a few other roofers and I know this deal’s gonna go fast, so if you’re interested, get in touch with me before someone else snatches it, ok?


  • The main purpose of the call is to get them to verbally commit either yes or no. Your only job is to explain the main offer and get them to express interest in moving forward. Any questions of technical nature or about how this whole thing is going to work out will be answered by me or the back-end team.

Hi [name]. [your name] calling about the discounted website, did you have a chance to check it out?

NO – Ok. Not a problem. If you want, we can check it out right now, got a minute?
[Let them know you’ll follow up again or answer objections if you can. Or otherwise, if showing interest, let them know Thomas can answer them via email or phone]

YES, NOT INTERESTED – Ok. I understand. Can I just ask you what the reason was, just so I can jot something down here in my notes?

[Answer objections if you can, or otherwise if showing interest, let them know Thomas can answer them via email or phone]

YES, INTERESTED – Ok. Great. I’ll put your name down here to reserve it for you and I’ll let Thomas know. He’ll be in touch with you to answer any other questions and to complete the transfer, ok?

[always close with this]
CLOSING – Alright. Thanks for your time. If you have any questions, feel free to give me a shout at [your contact info] and I’ll do my best to answer them for you, ok? Take care.

This is a great script that’s aimed at getting quick sales by introducing a great offer in a light and casual way while at the same time handling objections before they even come up. Keep the core message the same, but feel free to make smaller variations to add your own personal touch. Whatever helps you to sound more natural is better. Remember, always read from the script, but don’t ever sound like you’re reading from a script.

Demo sites



You are acting as an independent affiliate or agent. Therefore, you must provide for your own email address. A company branded email will not be provided. In addition, using your personal email address will help in starting conversations easier.

To keep your affiliate marketing efforts separate from your personal emails, it may be a good idea to create a new email address.

The script is provided as a guideline. You are under no obligation to follow it or even use it. If you have a different way to pitch the product (websites) that works well for you, you are more than welcome to use it as long as it’s ethical and adheres to applicable laws.

The two variations of the pitch in the script (deal that fell through & demo build) are there because they help to answer an objection of “Sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?”

But you are welcome to go about it any way you prefer as long as it’s ethical and legal. If you don’t mind doing a little bit of explanation, just presenting the offer as it is works just as well.

Typically, the customer/client needs to feel trust in you, the sales agent, the product, and the company.

The product is fairly straight forward. What you see is what you get.

As for the company, telling them exactly what they can expect in terms of the process will go a long way to build the credibility.

Like any other website, they will need their own domains and hosting account. We do not provide them, but can provide assistance with consultation for choosing a good domain name and by recommending various hosting options.

Choosing to do this yourself will greatly help in increasing your conversion rate by eliminating unnecessary delays in the sales process.

When it comes to domain names for local businesses, there are two main methods. First and most obvious is to choose their business name. If that is taken as it can sometimes happen by a business with the same name in a different location, they can try adding city or state name and/or abbreviations.

Second method is to look for a combination of the industry name or word along with the city and/or state name or abbreviations.

Here are some examples:

The possibilities are truly endless with a little imagination. As a last note, it is always best to try to get a .com domain followed by .net or .org in that order.

You can register for these domain names with most host companies as they also act as registrars (see next question about hosting).

For most local businesses, a basic account in any reputable hosting company will work. Finding these companies is just a Google search away.

Some of the most well known hosting companies are:,,, and

When choosing the hosting package, make sure to select one that allows for WordPress sites. Because the pre-built sites are in WordPress format, they cannot be installed if you choose a hosting package that does not allow it. Luckily, most hosting companies and accounts allow WordPress because it is one of the most popular website building platforms.

Often, the reason they ask is because you haven’t built up enough trust yet and the deal sounds too good to be true. It is a sign you need to built more trust in you/product/company. Asking about the company implies that they are considering the product and it is a great sign.

So, yes, you can tell them and even give our URL so they can check it out for themselves. However, be careful to not just send them to the website and let them “loose” on their own. If they end up contacting us directly and get a website, we may not be able to trace them back to you to credit you for the commission even though we will do our best. Sometimes, they just don’t recall especially if everything was done over the phone and there’s no record that they can refer to.

Always contact them soon after to continue leading them through the rest of the sales process to ensure that you are credited for the sale and earn the commission.

At any point in the sales process, if they show genuine interest in purchasing the website, they most likely will have questions about how this is all going to work. This is a great sign.

If you’re uncomfortable with the technical jargon, you can defer the explanation and Q&A to the back-end team. If you can answer them yourself, you will greatly speed up the sales process and increase conversion as well.

The basic process is like this:

  • client wants to purchase the pre-built website
  • they receive a PayPal link along with a bill of sale (usually within 24 hours)
  • once the payment is received, you receive your commission (usually within 24 hours)
  • we send the client a welcome email and ask for domain and hosting info to access the website and customization details/files (e.g., logo, colours, etc…)
  • once received, we install the WordPress for them on their account and install the website along with minor customization (usually within 48 hours)

If you need assistance in closing the deals especially in the beginning, you can simply lead the client to a “soft yes” where they are ready to get onboard but have some tech or process related questions. In such cases, you can simply send us an email with the client’s info (industry, contact name, business name) and we will engage them to address all remaining questions and concerns.

If the sale is closed, we will send the bill of sale along with the invoice as normal and send you your full commission once the payment is received from the client.

While this support is offered in goodwill to those who need assistance in the beginning, please know that deferring the closing to the back-end team may stretch out the sales cycle (take longer to reach a close) and lower your overall closing conversion (due to back and forth between different people).

For the client, it is always best for you to lead them to the close because you have developed the relationship and trust. This will put them more at ease and help to close the deals faster.

But really, the whole process is very simple and the idea of hosting and domain is a quick 20 minute study on YouTube. It’s not very difficult at all.

First, congratulations. You’re just one step from your $400 commission for the sale.

When a prospect is ready to make the purchase, you can simply send them your affiliate link. When they make the payment through it, the purchase will be tracked to you and you will be credited for the commission.

The word “sales” is used very loosely here for the lack of a better term. But it’s not really sales where you have to chase someone down and persuade them. It’s pretty much either they want it or they don’t.

Instead of spending a lot of energy trying to convince someone to purchase the site, spend most of your energy in spreading the word and getting interested people to raise their hands.

This could be done posting small classified ads in popular sites (many are free), Google Ads, Facebook ads, posting in forums or Facebook groups, contacting local chambers of commerce, etc…

The key thing is to find pools where your market (local small business owners) hang out and spreading the word. To use an analogy, don’t think of it as planting seed one by one where you’re spending so much time with each one. Instead, be like farmers from before the days of machinery where they walk the fields and throw fistfuls of seeds all over the place. Those that fall in favourable conditions will grow. Likewise, those who hear the offer and are interested will contact you. In the meantime, you simply mark your presence in various places and keep spreading the offer (some places you may have to re-seed or re-post your offer periodically, in others such as ads you’ll just do it once and just keep an eye on it).

You can get your affiliate link by filling out the simple application form at the bottom of this page. Once approved, we will generate your unique affiliate link and email it to you. Once you have it, you’re all ready to go!

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