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More visibility, calls,
and conversions

There are a lot of things we could do, but choose not to. We don’t do web hosting or maintenance. We don’t do social media management or spam link building. While many in the industry opt to be Jack-of-All-Trades, we aim to do only a few things and do them exceptionally well.

Our SEO isn’t really SEO and our PPC isn’t a Pay Per Click money hungry monster.

Why? Because it makes better sense and gives you better ROI.

Media Exposure SEO

Media Exposure SEO

Media Exposure SEO frees you from the narrow tunnel vision of keyword based SEO and embraces the wider vision of niche presence so that people talk about you and come to you already pre-sold on working with you.

Lean, Mean,Pay Per Call Machine

Lean, Mean,
Pay Per Call Machine

Leaner and better than its Pay Per Click sibling, Pay Per Call campaigns are built to be worry and hassle-free performance machines that generates targeted live calls quickly. 

Beautiful & Fast Web Design

Beautiful & Fast Web Design

It all starts here. No matter how good the marketing, it’s all for not if your website doesn’t convert that traffic. With ever shortening attention span, that means a lean website that not only looks good, but also loads fast. Yes, speed matters.

Why Us?

Simplicity, privacy,
and forward thinking.

The internet marketing scene gets more confusing everyday as new methods and software are developed. And in this frenzy, it’s easy to get swept up in the hype and lose sight of what’s really important. The bottom line is that you don’t really care about having a pretty website or a cool ad. They exist to fulfill a purpose. And to that end, we focus on simple and proven methods that deliver.

Simpler is better.

Visibility & Calls

No matter how you spin it, you need to be seen. If you’re invisible, you don’t exist. We can help you get visibility with laser accuracy or cover the whole market like a thick forest. Just tell us what type of visibility you want and how fast you want those calls. We’ll handle the rest. Yes, marketing can be this simple. You’re welcome.

Privacy & Peace of Mind

Due to our non-disclosure philosophy, we do not reveal anything about our clients at any time. We don’t sell your name to boost our ego. And though we never ask for testimonials as a policy, we’re always appreciative of public endorsements should you feel moved to give one. Check out a few of them below.


Thomas first accidentally discovered local internet marketing back in 2005 before the gurus made it into a “thing”. Since then, he’s built on his success and beat out Toys R Us, wikipedia,,, Walmart, Zellers, and Home Depot to name a few. Now he’s trailblazing yet again with his unique approach on web visibility.


The word on the street.

We strive to do the best for every client. Stats and graphs are all impressive, but we never forget that it’s all about you and your goals.

Thomas was different because he understood the value and methodology behind creating a FOCUSED message for a TARGET group through quality/unique content. He’s articulate, detailed, and clear in both his writing and consulting.

Martin L.

Finance & accounting

If you get the chance to work together with Thomas on improving your search engine marketing, by all means, go for it. He understands what he’s talking about and simply delivers. Mr. Cha offered me a professional consultation – The results I’ve got with one of my clients are out of the top.

Andre S.

SEO Expert

… improve our website discoverability and users engagement level. Very professional, timely and cost-effective. Can highly recommend!

Ben N.

Director of ###protected###

Thomas was very thorough … effective courses of action to rectify and elevate issues … into best practice in the marketing/online site.

Eric S.

Sr. Engineer

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