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New SEO Service Launched By Brantford Marketing Agency

On the Mark Local Marketing, an online marketing agency, launched a new type of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service founded on omnipresent content marketing that includes blogs, news, videos, podcasts, infographics, and slideshows.

An online marketing firm located in Brantford, On the Mark Local Marketing (OntheMark), announced a new service named OmniMarketing. OntheMark has been offering various digital marketing services to its local clients for over 15 years including search engine optimization, PPC, and other lead generation services.

Cha, operator of OntheMark, commented that OmniMarketing is a revolutionary yet logical step from their optimization service offerings. “We’ve done website optimizations successfully for many years beating out Toys ‘R Us, Home Depot, Discovery, and even Wikipedia. It’s fun to see the results and getting results for clients. But it’s even more fun learning about the changing landscape of marketing and coming up or learning a system that really gets to the core instead of little tricks and tips that are here and gone tomorrow. We’re seeing sites we worked on over 10 years ago still ranking today, and that’s an awesome feeling.”

Cha is excited about the new OmniMarketing and promises it combines the best of everything he’s learned in the last 15 years by giving the search engines what they are looking for – great content. By doing so, OmniMarketing promises to generate more links and traffic for the client. But at the core of it, he added that it’s really about the growth of visibility and brand awareness in the market place.

“When you bring in visibility and brand awareness into the equation through great content marketing, you address the most forgotten pillar of optimization, which is the human interaction. Most marketing companies don’t address that at all, or at best talk about conversion tactics. While they’re important too, there’s a more fundamental element they’re missing. The OmniMarketing addresses that foundation piece that was missing in so many campaigns.”

According to Cha, there are three main pillars: on-page, off-page, and human interaction. On-page and off-page are the most talked about elements, which deal with the meta tags or descriptions and backlinks respectively. The human interaction aspect had missing pieces you can’t see unless you think bigger and in a way unplug from the tools. A stepping away from the trees to see the forest, of sorts.

Of the numerous things that can affect customer interaction with a website – clicking on links, mentioning the brand, calling the business, real life visits, website visits, and brand name searches – a business has only one things under their total control according to Cha: Brand visibility through content marketing.

As originally published on on April 10, 2022

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