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ROI Through Visibility

The only thing that really matters

When you boil it down, all marketing comes down to just one thing. Visibility.

Sure, it’s even better when you add a great message and timing, but visibility is so fundamental that nothing happens without it no matter how great your message or timing. Without visibility, you can’t get visitors to your website or web page to expose them to your message.

Though visibility and exposure deal with all types of internet marketing strategies, SEO is concerned specifically with unpaid traffic from various search engines (e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, YouTube, etc…) and SERP (search engine results page).

Effective Content Marketing Campaigns

Highest ROI

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Content marketing is popular because it brings the best ROI… but it also is video marketing, is social media & influencer, and is SEO all in one…

Content marketing scores high because consumers value good content. And they warm up more toward companies producing quality content. In fact, with a good content marketing, you can expect to lower your marketing costs roughly by half while generating up to 3x more leads.

The foundation of SEO

While many argue about the countless facets of SEO, it can be incredibly simple if you remember to see the bigger picture.

  1. Google’s (and other search engines’) goal is to mimic human judgment in showing what they think is a good search result.
  2. The search algorithm continually improve at a faster rate making it increasingly difficult to game the system.
  3. Since its infancy, SEO has been based on three main pillars: on-page, off-page, and human interaction. Each pillar goes through phases of emphasis and neglect, but are all important overall and in the bigger picture.
  4. The entire internet is a way for people to share and consume content in all its various forms (e.g., written, audio, video, etc…)
  5. Therefore, content was and still is king.

That’s it.

All the talks of inbound links, rankings, and traffic are actually the results of good content marketing. And if you remember these basic fundamentals, it becomes much easier to do clean “white hat” SEO and win long-term rather than doing “black hat” SEO that may give you quick short-term wins at the expense of long-term gain and possibly even permanent penalty.

In other words, if you have good and consistent content marketing in place, rankings, traffic, and leads, are a natural byproduct.

That means you should focus the majority of your efforts and budget in content marketing that will bring you lasting and sustainable results. While short term goals of rankings, traffic, and leads are important, it should always be in balance with the long term goals of content marketing, and never at the expense of it.

Of course, as mentioned, you need to cover all the three pillars often starting with the on-page by making sure you have clean and clear meta tags: site and page descriptions, titles, headlines, content, and proper sitemap. Then, typically once on-page is done, you shift your focus to off-page: building of quality content and links to your site, both “nofollow” and “dofollow”.

Challenges of SEO & Content Marketing

Being everywhere – matter of time and cost

When you have an effective content marketing campaign that allows you to be omnipresent, it is no doubt a great thing. Not only does it significantly increases your online presence and visibility, it brings in natural links and traffic of warm visitors that are more ready to buy. All this traffic and brand awareness (brand searches in search engines and brand mentions in social media) feeds into the Google algorithm signalling that you’re someone important – someone they should take note and show more often in the results pages because people are looking for you.

In the end, it’s all about good user experience for the search engines. And because of that, they want to serve up well known brands. That’s why big brands rule the searches. Just think Yelp, Houzz, Amazon, Nike, etc…

So when you start popping up everywhere and start to get noticed, the search engines can’t help but start paying more attention to you and giving you preferential rankings in their results pages.

To be taken seriously online, you are told to be on Google, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, news, and more.

But all this comes at a cost. While the idea of omnipresence is great and desirable, it takes immense amount of time and energy (cost) to execute. You have to:

  • generate ideas for the content
  • plan & research (demand, competition, and content)
  • create the content pieces (blog articles, news articles, images, infographics, videos, podcasts, PDFs, etc…)
  • find a way to distribute them far and wide (more research into the individual channels and managing dozens of accounts)
  • keep track of the results you’re getting to gauge and adjust future content

And doing all that costs you time. A lot of time. If you want to save yourself the time and the trouble, you’ll have to pay someone else to do it. And that will cost a hefty amount. In a conservative estimate, generating and distributing a round of content once a month can easily cost you over $4,000 to $5,000.

What happened to the high ROI?

With this high cost associated with content marketing and SEO, how can it produce such high return on investment as we’ve seen?

The answer comes down to one word: system.

It’s a fact that a well put together content marketing and SEO campaign will give you more visibility, more links, natural traffic, brand awareness, and warm leads that convert to customers.

It’s also a fact that executing an extensive and thorough campaign can come with a big price tag.

Logically, you need to find a much more efficient way to get the job done. That’s where the system comes in. Most of the larger companies have marketing departments with teams dedicated to these tasks. However, such arrangement is not possible for many small businesses. And while medium businesses may be able to adopt such structure, it certainly isn’t efficient.

So the next logical solution is outsourcing. You hire specialized agencies that already have systems in place to generate and distribute the content on your behalf at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. Leveraging their specialized knowledge and network, they can get the job done faster and cheaper.

This is how most small and medium sized businesses can level the playing field with the large corporations while keeping their operations lean and efficient.


Omnipresence content marketing & SEO systematized

OmniMarketing is the culmination of experience and automation resulting from years of testing and perfecting our content production methods and distribution strategies. It produces and distributes for you news articles, blog articles, videos, podcasts, and slideshows all on autopilot. This results in massive growth of your brand visibility all over the web where your customers can naturally engage your brand. This leads to increased conversion of pre-sold warm leads into sales.

OmniMarketing handles all this for you on autopilot so you can focus on running your business and serving your customers.

Research, Plan, and Production

  • No extra employees to screen, interview, hire, manage, and pay.
  • No extra office space to rent, furnish, clean, or maintain.
  • No extra time and effort to brainstorm, research, write, and produce content.
  • No need to spend endless hours digging for keywords, opportunities, and competition.
  • No need to worry about “SEOing” all the content.
  • No need to pick one type of content over another. OmniMarketing covers them all.
  • No need to stress over mobile traffic as OmniMarketing produces mobile friendly content including AMPs to help you win mobile local searches.


  • No extra time and effort to research, find, and manage distribution channels.
  • No extra expenses to distribute to private and exclusive premium channels.


  • No uncertainty of wondering whether doing it yourself will bring the desired results.
  • No need for tedious keeping track of dozens of additional accounts across multiple distribution platforms.
  • No need to constantly monitor progress and results (our snapshot report does that for you in one easy-to-see visual format).

OmniMarketing save you time, money, and all the headache associated with planning, running, and managing a content and SEO marketing yourself, while growing your online visibility, brand awareness, traffic, leads, and sales.

OmniMarketing Syndication

Proof is in the pudding

So what type of content works best? Surprisingly, just plain old boring information about your product. There’s a reason why millions of people watch the news and this is much the same. Just simply information about your company, products, and services.

That simple act of sharing information on your business on 100’s of authority sites and in multiple formats (videos, images, news articles, slideshows, podcast audio ads, and blogs) is exactly what is in demand by your market.

Just think about how many people watch the news every single day and why. It’s to learn what’s new out there delivered in simple and fast way that’s easy to consume.

And with the right keywords, which we do for you as part of OmniMarketing, sharing your information (in a way that some may think is a bit plain and simple and even boring) on large trusted 3rd party platforms helps to build your target audience and visibility, which again, ultimately translates to leads and sales.

What’s the purpose of syndicating the same story to 100’s of news sites and blogs? The same reason why there are so many news site and blogs exist in the first place. Not everyone watches or reads the same sites. Your customers vary in their habits and preferences, so they’re spread out through the web. This way, we can be certain to reach more of them by casting a wide net of our own.

OmniMarketing allows you to be everywhere all over the web while cutting your budget down to a fraction thanks to our proprietary one-of-a-kind automation technology.

And when everything has been syndicated out and you’d think it was all done, we send the word out on social media to get you even more buzz and brand mentions.

All the coverage in the news, blogs, video, audio, slideshows, and social media work together to make sure you’re seen whether that be in their individual platforms or search engines like Google and Bing (or dozens of other smaller ones).

OmniMarketing SEO Results

Fruits of comprehensive content marketing
(SEM – search engine marketing)

This is where the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” will serve well… but be warned there are a lot of pictures. It’s everyday occurrence for OmniMarketing to start taking over the 1st page with multiple spots while pushing your own sites higher.

Some of the older screenshots are of the humble beginnings of OmniMarketing before the days of automation when everything was done manually.

OmniMarketing & The 3 Pillars of SEO

OmniMarketing is so successfully in it SEO results because it addresses all three pillars of SEO.

  1. We start with a thorough on-page assessment and adjustments to align with your online goals.
  2. OmniMarketing naturally and consistently builds a large number of high quality links month in and month out. Because your content is pushed on large trusted sites, they are crawled and indexed within hours if not minutes.
  3. All the produced and syndicated content builds your brand awareness and visibility. This in turn feeds the Google’s (and other search engines) algorithm’s third and most often forgotten pillar – human interaction.

Get Started With OmniMarketing

Results without the headache

Are you ready to take your business and online presence to the next level? Join us and let’s get you onboard with OmniMarketing.

As a general rule, we do NOT work with more than one business per niche per geographical area so get in touch with us today. It’s similar to a non-compete agreement in a weird way so as to avoid competing against ourselves.

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