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Brantford Coupon Mailer

Brantford Co-Op Coupon Mailer

instant visibility, customers, and sales

The 10 Second Summary

Billboard Exposure For Less Than $0.05

Riding the Trend

A Picture By Numbers

While it’s true that Brantford has experienced significant population growth in recent years, it hasn’t been immune to the economic forces like inflation and its effects.

This makes now the perfect time to seize your opportunity to reach more potential customers. Here’s why…

More and more people are looking for ways to stretch their budgets.

Coupons offer a familiar solution and is a great way to generate sales, increase awareness, move inventory, attract new customers, and earn loyalty.

The City Is Growing, But...

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Fueled by close proximity to larger cities, easy access to transportation, affordable housing, growing economy, and feel of small community, Brantford experienced significant growth in recent years. However, this increase hasn’t necessarily translated into equivalent growth for most businesses because…

The Need To Save

Out of Control Inflation

The inflation rate in Canada in December 2022 was 4.8%, the highest since early 1990’s. This historical inflation affects every aspect of life for many as they seek ways to save.

Rising CPI

The Consumer Price Index rose by 11.4% in the past two years alone and by 6.6% in 2022 alone. This means that the prices of goods and services have risen much faster than the average income.

Basic Needs

Grocery prices have gone up 7.9% in November 2022, the fastest rate seen in 40 years. With food cost rising, increasing number of families are feeling the pinch and looking for more ways to save.

Demand For Coupons

The percentage of Canadians who used coupons increased from 79% to 92% in three years. A telltale sign of the difficult times. Yet, 49% reported feeling coupons had too many restrictions.

Why Join the Co-op Coupon Mailer?

Visible, Affordable, and Effective

Simply put, it’s the right vehicle for the right time.

And through the power of collective marketing, we form an exclusive network of local businesses that reaches an impressive 10,000 households in the city of Brantford. Just imagine your irresistible offer landing directly into the hands of thousands, instantly boosting your visibility and revenue potential.

The large, eye-catching postcards are strategically designed to grab attention and stand out from the clutter. Unlike traditional folded or stuffed mailers, your coupons won’t get overlooked, ensuring guaranteed customer visibility.

Best of all, this exceptional opportunity is incredibly affordable at only $449 (less than $0.05 per household). A minimal investment with the potential for extraordinary returns!

How the Co-Op Coupon Mailer Works

Simple & Old-Fashioned

Participating in the Co-Op Coupon Mailer is very simple and straightforward. Just complete the form below. There is no option to purchase on this page to ensure exclusive distribution.

We’ll discuss if this is right for your business and how to structure your offer. When you’re ready, we’ll send you a PayPal invoice for the ad. Your ad spot is secured upon payment.

When all the ad spots are filled, ads are designed and sent to you for approval before printing. Upon approval by all participants, the order is sent to the printer. The mailer will go out in approximately 5 to 10 business days afterward.

Go to the full page to view and submit the form.


The mailer will go out to 10,000 households in Brantford.

Putting out a solo ad mailer with similar specs can cost approximately $6,000 or more. This includes ad design, thick stock premium paper, printing, coating, postage, and taxes .

But because we all share the cost, each business only needs to pitch in with a one-time fee of $449.

The Co-Op Coupon Mailer is open to any businesses or persons offering lawful products or services. While most fitting for B2C businesses, B2B businesses can still benefit from the increased exposure and branding.

This varies greatly and largely depends on your business, customers, and goals (e.g., to generate sales or buzz, clear out inventory, expand customer base, etc…)

As noted on this page, 49% of coupon users said coupons were too restrictive. When it doubt, keep it simple.

Having said that, there are some typical coupons that have proven to work : Buy 1 Get 1 deals for restaurants, free drink deals, simple percentage or dollar amount discounts, free product or service with purchase, etc…

If you have never done coupon advertising before, that’s ok. We can chat and help you figure out an offer that will resonate with your customers and goals.

Groupon demands at least 50% discount to advertise on their platform. Then, they take a large portion of your sales revenue leaving you barely enough to breakeven or sometimes even at a loss.

With our local coupon mailer, we are in control. There are no hidden fees aside from the one-time fee of $449. You keep 100% of the revenue from the sales.

Exclusive Distribution means there will be no competing businesses on the mailer. For example, once a chiropractor secures an ad spot, we will not accept another. Participants from previous mailers will always get the first right of refusal on the next mailing.

This is hard to say with 100% accuracy. The designer will start designing ads once all the ad spots are filled. Once all ads are approved, the order is sent to the printer and will take about a week or so. Participants will be kept up to date at each stage of the process.

For now we’re just targeting Brantford. If you serve other nearby areas or cities (e.g., Ancaster, Hamilton, etc…) let us know. You’ll be the first to know of expansions into other cities. Advertisers from previous mailers will always get the first right of refusal on next mailings.

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